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About The Bandits Raid Alliance

The Bandit Raid Alliance - A group formed in early 2015 back on Withywindle server by few of the raiding enthusiasts. Our goal is simply to have fun by finishing the most challenging content in the game. 

With the organization from the officers, Mandura, Narthor, and Champe, and the hard work and dedication of the fellow members, we have been able to accomplish every Tier 2 Challenge in Lord of The Rings. We are also the proud original challengers of the Throne of The Dead Terror raid on Laurelin. 

If you are interested in more information about recruitment, please refer to the Recruitment Status.

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Bandit News

Introducing Ithilien Spice Association Project!

by Champee, 238 days ago

The Ithilien Spice Association Project:

How to apply: Submit an application to our site!

Refer to our Recruitment Status post for recruitment status and our expectations for applicants. 

The main purpose of this project is to allow more passionate LOTRO players to join our community for raiding. Since our roster is full during prime time, we cannot recruit more players. So in order to allow more players outside of Bandit community to join us and raid with us, we are launching this project. We tend to avoid recruiting players from the world for our raids so this is a great opportunity for many of you who like raiding with well-versed groups. With that said, there are certain restrictions we have to apply.

As a spice member, the following will apply to you:

->Can join our restricted version of the site(you won't be allowed to see certain forums, etc.). However, you will get access to our raiding strategy/discipline forum.  

->Can join a private in-game channel managed by Bandits. You are free to socialize on site and in the game with our community. 

->Can join Bandit Raids! (Can also access our raid sign-up system on the Bandit site. This is exclusive to Spice members only. We tend to avoid filling spots from the world)

*Our Official Loot Policy applies here and to anyone who joins any Bandit Raids. For more Info: Loot Policy

**The Bandits members get priority to spots for the raid. For example: If 12 Bandit members sign up for a raid after you signed up as a Spice member, the 12 Bandits will get priority over you. Spice member sign-up works when there are empty spots in the raid. Check the site regularly for updates. 

->Have a chance to join the Bandit community! If our roster allows, we will recruit members only from Spice project. 

Things to keep in mind: 

Spice members won't be allowed in internal affairs of the Bandit community. That means you won't be able to see or access our discussion forums, polls, etc. We are only providing a mere opportunity to join us in raiding when our raids aren't full. However, if any issues arise, you may contact the officers. 

In our community, there is no restriction when it comes to playing with other alliances or doing raid with others besides the Bandits. We allow our member to have the freedom to play with whatever alliance they'd like to play with because we know that many people have multiple characters that they'd like to play with. For more information on this matter, check our Official Raid Locks Policy.

If you wish to join our Spice Association, you'll be agreeing to these terms and conditions.

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Recruitment Status

by Champee, 327 days ago


Hello, thank you for reading our Recruitment Status!

Our Spice Association Project Recruitment is currently: OPEN!

Our primary Bandits Recruitment is currently: CLOSED

We are currently recruiting for the following classes: All except LM and Guard.

  • Captain and DPS classes are highly preferred.

We are always looking to make our community better by bringing in more passionate, friendly, and experienced people. We expect you to be geared for Tier 2 content(Additional gearing might be required based on the role/content). It would also make your application more appealing if you have any alternate classes that are raid ready as well. However, don't be discouraged from applying if you believe you have an exceptional application that would fit our alliance. 

-Raid Times: We are currently raiding on Friday, Saturday(Mainly), and Sunday. Additional content(3/6/12 man) is usually always run during the weekdays or even on some weekends. Our usually raiding start time is 8PM GTM(+/-1) however it is subject to change every week depending on the situation. 


1. Be VERY well-skilled in the class/es that you play and want in the alliance.

2. Have communication portals ready(DIscord/Teamspeak 3(we now mainly use Discord), our alliance in-game chat, and the Alliance website). 

3. Be fully prepared for the raid(Consumables, gear sets, etc).

4. Maintain a very friendly environment at all times in all our communication portals. 

5. Read our loot Policy: Loot Policy

Note: Applications may take up to 2 weeks for a reply. Please be patient while we examine and evaluate the application with our community. 

Our website: The Bandits

You may contact the officers in-game for more detailed information. The officers are Mandura, Narthor, and Champe.

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